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Heading to the Kubuqi Desert! AlphaESS' First Batch of 160MWh Energy Storage Systems Successfully Shipped!


In the western part of Inner Mongolia, China, the Kubuqi 2 GW photovoltaic desert control project stands out as one of the country's pioneering large-scale wind power photovoltaic base initiatives in its first phase. This project is a collaboration between China Three Gorges Corporation and State Power Investment Corporation.


Station 1 of the project is equipped with a cutting-edge 1500V energy storage system provided by AlphaESS, boasting a total capacity of 80MW/160MWh. The system incorporates a single-cluster air cooling design, prioritizing battery pack safety through intelligent fire protection, temperature monitoring, and fault warning functionalities. AlphaESS's involvement in this project underscores its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality assurance, and the fundamental principles of green development.


For AlphaESS, the energy storage station in the desert represents a significant exploration and practical innovation. Upon completion and integration into the grid, it is poised to enhance grid flexibility, facilitate the absorption of renewable energy, and contribute significantly to the green and low-carbon development goals of Inner Mongolia. This initiative encapsulates AlphaESS's dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable energy solutions and making a positive impact on the region's energy landscape.

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