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        SMILE5: 8.3kW/22.9kWh
        SMILE-S6: 6kW/8.2kWh
        SMILE-S6: 6kW/16.4kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/10.1kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/10.1kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/11.4kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/10.1kWh
        SMILE-B3: 3kW/17.4 kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/5.7kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/11kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/10.1kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/10.1kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/5.7kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/10.1kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/13.3kWh
        SMILE5: 5kW/10.1kWh
        SMILE-SP: 9.6kW/16.4kWh
        SMILE T10-HV: 10kW/8.2kWh
        SMILE-G3 (5kW/10.1kWh)
        SMILE-G3 (5kW/20.2kWh)
        SMILE-G3 (5kW/10.1kWh)
    Commercial & Industrial
        2 MW/8 MWh
        2.5 MW/10 MWh
        40ft container 500 kW/1.26 MWh
        100 kW/670 kWh
        100 kW/250 kWh
        500 kW/1 MWh
        50 kW/60 kWh
        250 kW/650 kWh
        50/100/150 kW
        50 kW/162 kWh
        100 kW/120 kWh
        250 kW/517.5 kWh
        50 kW/266 kWh
        750 kW/2 MWh
        2x 40ft 1 MW/2 MWh
        40ft 500 kW/ 1 MWh
        2x 50 kW/ 162 kWh
         50 kW/130 kWh
         50 kW/266 kWh
         150 kW/612 kWh
        10ft container 50 kW/ 103 kWh
        50 kW/200 kWh
        50 kW/100 kW & 100 kWh-300 kWh
        50 kW/172 kWh, 50 kW/257 kWh
        100 kW/206 kWh
        4 MW/8 MWh
        500 kW/1 MWh
        360 kW/1.5 MWh
        100 kW/160 kWh
        500 kW/1 MWh
        100 kW/400 kWh
        10 MW/20 MWh
        6 MW/12 MWh
        5 MW/10 MWh
        10 MW/20 MWh
        30 kW/50 kWh
        50 kW/136 kWh
        50 kW/51 kWh
        50 kW/102 kWh
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        AlphaESS debuted in Japan at INTL SMART GRID EXPO with classic SMILE5 and brand-new PPS
        AlphaESS Australia is qualified the TOP BRAND PV - STORAGE
        AlphaESS listed on the TOP List of overseas shipments
        Alpha Kitty Debuted at SNEC 2021
        AlphaESS Ranks the TOP 5 Supplier of the Global Residential Storage System in 2020
        Firefly Project
        AlphaESS has successfully co-exhibited with OKAYAKIDEN in the 15th PV EXPO-1
        AlphaESS launches brand new SMILE-G3 at Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2022, Australia
        AlphaESS and Maxeon Solar Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership for Cutting-Edge Integrated Solution to Optimise Solar and Storage
        AlphaESS is rolling out brand new products at Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2021, Sydney
        AlphaESS Is Selected As One of Top 100 Companies Global Cleantech 2021
        AlphaESS partners with Discover Energy to drive new frontier of VPP technology: P2P Energy Trading
        AlphaESS gets the very first KBIA certificate in China
        Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes in South Australia
        AlphaESS invites you to relive the wonderful moments of SNEC 2020
        We have saved a seat for you in the ees Innovation Day on 29th July!
        AlphaESS participates in the world's first e-marketplace "Solar & Storage DigiCon"- Live Days Europe
        AlphaESS continues to electrify villages in Myanmar
        AlphaShow Debuted
        AlphaESS Expands Battery Storage Offering in UK by Partnering With Waxman
        AlphaESS sends out face masks supporting partners overseas
        AlphaESS X Smart Energy Technical Workshop
        Brighten up the roof of the World
        AlphaESS captured a place in the 2020 Global Cleantech 100
        Thomas Yuan, Founder & Chairman of AlphaESS places special emphasis in his talk at BNEF Summit 2019
        Landing the future AlphaESS X The 4th Australia Solar and Energy Storage 2019
        AlphaESS invited to participate in the 4th ASEAN Solar and Energy Storage Congress Expo
        The Art of Future Energy: Clean, Smart and Fusion with nature
        AlphaESS Opens New SA Battery Production Facility
        AlphaESS explores UK market with confidence and exhibited at Solar & Storage Live 2019
        AlphaESS joined SEC for the Brisbane Smart Energy Conference in September 2019
        AlphaESS is named by Cleantech Group a 2019 APAC 25 Company
        [TEDxSuzhou]The momentum of new energy
        AlphaESS powers Africa's largest solar & energy storage project for a hospital commissioned at FOCOS
        CCTV reports AlphaESS project lights up remote villages in the Philippines
        AlphaESS ends successfully its show at SNEC 2019 in Shanghai
        AlphaESS shows up at Intersolar Europe 2019 in Munich with a third ees AWARD Finalist nomination
        Revolutionary East Village at Knutsford enhances sustainability credentials powered by AlphaESS
        AlphaESS team visited one of our commercial projects in Myanmar and made donation to DeeDoke school
        Alpha ESS & Hengtong's strategic collaboration marks the further expansion in the energy storage sec
        AlphaESS debuted its groundbreaking AlphaHOME at Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition 2019, Sydney
        Alpha ESS to expand further with the exclusive signing of Taeyang Enertec of Korea!
        NSW Smart Energy Summit :Cutting Power Bills and Emissions with Smart Energy
        Launch of Alpha ESS Energy Storage Product in South Australian Market
        The ranking of the best power storage from AlphaESS - by German CleanTech Institute with EuPD Resear
        iF Design Award 2018 for AlphaESS Storion- SMILE5
        Australian Energy Minister launches Smart Energy Training Centre with full support from AlphaESS
        AlphaESS is now in the run for 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards as finalist
        AlphaESS installs first SMILE5 in Asia-Pacific Region
        The Release of New SMILE 5 at 2017 Solar Energy Exhibition and Conference
        AlphaESS Achieved Prominent Success at ESE Dusseldorf
        AlphaESS Solar Batteries Withstand Recent Heat Wave in Australia
        AlphaESS Qualified as Australian Queensland Governmental Supplier
        AlphaESS Newly Launched Calculator on Website
        AlphaESS Launched New Products of Storion Series
        AlphaESS Together with SJTU, Aiming for the Champion of Solar Olympic
        AlphaESS Greatly Encouraged by Customer's Thanks Letter
        AlphaESS Launched New Products at Intersolar Europe 2016
        Germany's Renewable Energy Peak on Sunday Shows the Need for Storage in the Energy Mix
        AlphaESS Shows Up on Solar Energy AU
        Our Thoughts on the Paris Climate Change Conference
        Alpha Gives Speech for EES Award Nomination
        AlphaESS Signs Insurance Contract with Mannheimer
        AlphaESS Shows Up at Intersolar 2015
        New Office of Alpha Suzhou Has Been Put Into Use on May 20th, 2015
        AlphaESS Shows up In German Mass Media
        New Generation of Lead-Crystal System-"Alpha-Centauri" Has Been Launched
        AlphaESS Adds Many More Automatic Assembly Lines to the Manufactories Ramping Up its Capacity to over 70000 Systems Annually
        AlphaESS locates its overseas headquarter in Singapore
        AlphaESS officially launches operations in North America
        AlphaESS celebrated its 10th anniversary on September 12 as well as its inauguration of the newly constructed manufactory
        AlphaESS debuted its groundbreaking energy storage system at REplus 2022, as the first major inroad into North America
        AlphaESS Continues UK Growth
        AlphaESS impressed the audiences much with its state-of-art energy solutions at Solar & Storage LIVE 2022
        AlphaESS Reveals Its New Modular Portable Power Stations Equipped with LiFePO4 Batteries at CES 2023
        AlphaESS Unveils Safe and Reliable Energy Storage Solutions at K.EY Exhibition in Italy
        AlphaESS Showcases Comprehensive Energy Storage Solutions at the Solar Show Africa 2023
        AlphaESS Continues its Success at the Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2023 in Sydney
        AlphaESS Makes a Splash at the Future Energy Show Philippines with SMILE-G3 Energy Storage System
        AlphaESS and OSW Announced Global Partnership for Expanded Product Sales Worldwide
        AlphaESS Empowers Future Growth at SNEC 2023: Strengthening Global Strategic Collaborations, Distribution Network and Product Service Support
        Belgium Domestic Energy Storage System Subsidy
        Load-shedding in southern China, what happened?
        Where are we going To carbon neutral
        Carbon Neutral - How do we get to Carbon Neutrality?
        How to save money when feed-in-tariff is down?
        Wanna be a PROSUMER AlphaESS may be the one for you
        Low-voltage or high-voltage battery, how to choose wisely?
        Unbound Prometheus or Devil?
        New electricity tariff structure in Belgium
        How Can Demand Charge Be Reduced?
        All about AlphaCloud
        Progress on Moomba Project
        Ancient towns, fantastic beaches and now new AlphaESS storage systems to power the sunlight
        Solar and Storage 101
        How AlphaESS helps to combat skyrocketing energy bills in older family homes
        How AlphaESS system works
        How AlphaESS saves your money?
        How DER, VPP and Micro-grid form a new energy system?
        Why do we need a energy storage system?
        How much energy your solar panels will produce?
        C&I Solution
        Diesel generator replacement
        Key terms of energy storage system -- Battery Power
        Key terms of energy storage system -- Usable Storage Capacity
        Key terms of energy storage system -- All-in-one unit
        Understanding Solar Terminology 1 - What is Self-sufficiency?
        Understanding Solar Terminology 2 - What is Self-sufficiency?
        Understanding Solar Terminology in AlphaCloud APP
        USA: How to save money with AlphaESS
        Understanding Solar Terminology: AC-Coupled VS DC-Coupled
        Understanding Solar Terminology: What is a Hybrid-Coupled Energy Storage System?
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        The Future of Portable Power Stations: Trends to Watch
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        Unlocking the Potential of C&I Energy Storage: Applications and Benefits
        Understanding the Benefits of Energy Storage Systems for Homeowners
        Exploring the Various Types of Energy Storage Systems and How They Work
        Energy Storage: The Key to Secure Your Energy Future
        Maximizing Efficiency: Key Benefits of AC Coupled Systems in Solar Energy
        Decoding AC Coupled vs DC Coupled Batteries: Which One Fits Your Energy Needs
        Commercial & Industrial
        Portable Power Station