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2x 40ft 1 MW/ 2 MWh


  • Project

    2x 40ft 1 MW/2 MWh

  • Application


  • Address

    Accra, Ghana

In 2019, one of AlphaESS's partners in Ghana has won a tender of an 1MW/2032kWh microgrid project for a shopping mall in Accra. Before this, a BESS solution for a local hospital has been delivered successfully, which has proven benefits of a BESS and made more and more entrepreneurs want to go green with renewable energy storage solutions. This time, AlphaESS made another containerized Lithium-ion ESS solution, which consists of 2 x 40ft container of each 500Kw/1MWh, working with an existing diesel generator to make it possible to go grid independent.