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40ft container:


  • Project

    40ft container 500 kW/1.26 MWh

  • Application

    UPS + Load Management

  • Commission Date

    April, 2018

  • Address

    Sihanoukville, Cambodia

AlphaESS independently designed and commissioned a new energy solution of 1MW container project for a Cambodia pharmaceutical factory, bringing a steady and cheap electricity to fulfill the power needs of factories and workers. The container includes an ATS automatic and off-grid switching system to meet the power demand. It also has an ultra-high power PCS to protect factory's core load power supply. The SOC operation logic can be set according to different needs of the factory’s different power supply logic. When the battery capacity is high, all loads can be covered, and  priority can be given to ensuring power supply for core equipment and residential needs when the battery is low.08.jpg